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Map printed on Page 5 of the Mercury (Hobart, Tasmania) on Monday, 24 July 1916. Australian Newspaper beta citation: http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article1041253.


Translation (from Google)


The Somme Offensive
  ¤ 1916 Somme Map
  ¤ British Plan 1 July 1916
  ¤ Battle of the Somme (Wikipedia)
  ¤ What really happened at Fromelles
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  ¤ Poster : AIF in the Great War (PDF)
  ¤ MIA recovery unit established by Army
  ¤ US links to the battle of Fleurbaix
  ¤ Request to post interview with Lambis Englezos

FromellesDiscussionGroup aims to promote public debate on the issue of the missing soldiers of Pheasant Wood, as well as encourage greater awareness of battlefield archaeology within the general community through the exchange of ideas and information.

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For more information, you may contact us by

E-mail info@FromellesDiscussionGroup.com
Mail P. O. Box 573
Healesville, Victoria 3777

CWGC Charter & Supplement
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission welcomes comments, suggestions and enquiries from the public so if you are interested in obtaining a copy of the Royal Charter upon which the organization was founded in 1917 (or the 1964 amendment), these can be requested through its Home Page. Even though theoretically the principal officers of the organization can be contacted by this means, be aware that you are likely to be directed to a satellite office run by an affiliate nation but don't let this deter you, as the Commission should provide these documents on request. Head Office is based in Maidenhead, UK and the Director-General and Secretary is presently Mr Richard Kellaway CBE.

	The Commonwealth War Graves Commission
	2 Marlow Road
	SL6  7DX.
	United Kingdom.

The Fromelles Discussion Group appeals to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to use the discretionary powers embodied in its Charter of Incorporation dated 21st May 1917 and Supplemental Charter dated 8th June 1964 to fulfil its treaty obligations with respect to the exhumation, transportation and reburial of missing soldiers from the Great War which are currently presumed to be located at Pheasant Wood. To ensure the burial pits outside of Fromelles are properly examined archaeologically, the CWGC should adopt world's best practice and make all necessary arrangements to complete the recovery and identification of any remains that are found in a timely fashion.

POSTCARD: Drawn to show a soldier wearing Hospital Blues, this caricature is strikingly characteristic of the Great War era. The uniform made him readily identifiable to minimize any risk of the patient absconding while he was receiving medical treatment and recuperating. Originally printed by I. Salmon, Sevenoaks, England.


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