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The limited recovery program at Fromelles has concluded, the remains of exhumed soldiers have been re-interred in what has been described as a purpose-built cemetery and the opening of the newly-constructed complex has been scheduled for 19 July 2010, when the final unknown soldier from Pheasant Wood will be buried with military honours to coincide with the 94th anniversary of the historic assault. Preparations for the opening of the Fromelles (Pheasant Wood) Military Cemetery are all but completed, the burial ground supposedly being designed as a tangible expression of the principles of equality and uniformity which underpin the CWGC-although, how this is possible when more than a thousand Great War Diggers from the battle have actually been left out of the identification process, is difficult to understand.

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July 5, 2010

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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Rod Best
From: Geneva Switzerland
E-mail: Contact
I am an Aussie living in Switzerland and am following this story from my new home. I have visited Fromelles twice now and read Fromelles and the Pompey Elliot biography so am very interested in this story. I would like to be kept informed of developments, particularly when the dedication of a new cemetery when these Diggers have the proper burial they deserve as I will try to make time to attend.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Helen Riches
From: Croydon Vict.
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Victor Henry & Alexander Leslie McLean my two uncles were both K.I.A.on 19/07/16.Their father Alexander R.T.A.Both boys are commemorated at VC Corner Australian Cemetery Memorial,Fromelles.Can someone tell me the difference between Fleurbaix and Fromelles?
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Selwyn Glanvill
From: Frankston, Victoria, Australia
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My Uncle Private Douglas Wood was KIA in No-Man's-Land during the Battle of Fromelles July 19/20 1916. 3969 Private Wood was born in Albert Park, Victoria and was a Baker before enlisting on 9th July 1915, after which he was appointed to the 9th Depot Battalion, the 12/7th Reinforcements, and ultimately the 59th Battalion AIF. He was only 17 when he entered the fray at Fromelles.

Douglas joined at Sandringham and is commemorated at VC Corner Australian Cemetery Memorial.

I understand great care is being taken during the process of investigating the site at Pheasant Wood, but I wonder what is hoped to be achieved if all those interred are not identified and given a family burial.

The Chaplain of the 58th Battalion summed the situation up when writing to Douglas' mother on November 14, 1916. "The price Australia paid that night was very heavy and our one consolation is our boys met their end with high courage and resolve . . ."
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Reg Bonney
From: Ingleburn, NSW, Australia
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Please record my interest and support for the "best practice" re-interment of the remains of those hastily buried at Pheasant Wood, France. My paternal grandfather is one who perished 19 July 1916 at Fleurbaix and his name is commemorated at V.C. Corner, Fromelles Cemetery.
His service details are:

Name: BONNEY, George Edward
Rank: Private
Unit: 32nd Battalion AIF "A" Company

I assisted Dr. Roger Freeman with information in preparation for his major history of that Battalion, Second to None. The future son-in-law of George, Gordon Mills, also served in that Company, and was injured before being RTA permanently incapacitated.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Jill Byrnes
From: Hervey Bay, Qld, Australia
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On behalf of my family I would like to register our interest in the Fromelle war grave, as my great uncle, Sgt David S Anderson, went missing in action, presumed killed, on 19-20 July 1916 and his body never found. He may well be in this grave. We would like to express our concern that the grave is fully excavated and all bodies identified as far as possible, and that all bodies be given a proper burial thereafter. We are concerned that it is proposed to not excavate the entire grave. Why find them and then leave them alone again?
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: adam elliott
From: solomon islands
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My great uncle Lieut. L W Elliott was in C Company, 57 Battalion, the lucky ones who were pulled out of the line just before the attack. It was their first time under fire and Uncle Les' diary entries of that time reveal a stoicism that I dont think we see now. I have had his diary since I was a young kid and I just think it is great that now these names and places are coming back.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: robyn
From: england
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I am an Aussie living in UK. the BBC news had on this morning's TV news program, a story about this "dig". My grandfather signed up in October 1916 and was a gunner in the 5th FAB. Now i'm thinking that the high casualties at Fromelles and the publicity that followed this battle may have influenced he and others to sign up voluntarily. Do others know more about this?

Keep up the good work.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Craig McKie
From: Perth
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Dear Lambis

We have never met. I have read "Fromelles" and last year I visited Fromelles. I am a 48yo Aussie whose grandfather fought and survived the Great War. I don't how to begin to thank you for your zeal and diligence in uncovering the truth. Australia owes you. It is my quest that any Aussie who goes to Europe must visit at least one of the memorials in France and Belgium. And now Fromelles must surely be on the "must visit" list.

Thank you.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Damian Smith
From: Melbourne
E-mail: Contact
Thank you for finding our lost soldiers. Your work is exceptional and you all should be extremely proud of your efforts. Lambis, you're a champion.

All the best.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Geoff Tully
From: Adelaide South Australia
E-mail: Contact
My mother's cousin, Lt TP Hagan, of 32nd Btn was killed in action 20 July 1916 at Fromelles and has no known grave. Army records indicate he was killed by mg fire when attempting to regain Aust lines early on the morning following the disastrous attack; apparently he had been wounded during the night. I am very interested in the attempts to excavate the Pheasant Wood site
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